Our Big Field Renovation

With the help of 'The Earth Skills Project' we are transforming an unloved space into an eco oasis!

Our field regeneration project will create:

›Create a quiet natural environment.

›Provide opportunities for eco-awareness in natural surroundings.

›Improve an unloved and unkempt space into a beautiful oasis.

›Encourage respect and responsibility in the outdoors.

›Provide opportunity for the local community to support and maintain the space.

Our space will include:

›Zoned areas, including seating for private time, social space & reading.

›Outdoor classroom for the benefit of children and adults (including the local community accessing support through school)

›Calm spaces filed with planting offering focus for individuals with anxiety, improving mental health.

›Softened boundaries by planting a ‘fedge’ creating privacy for local residents.

›Natural and sensory areas inviting wildlife to benefit our environment and children to enjoy.