Talk to us!

We know that at times problems may arise and you feel you may need to speak to someone at school.

Your child's class teacher will be happy to talk to you about any issues you may have. Try to make sure you speak to him or her AFTER school. If it is not possible to speak then, you can arrange a time after school when it is more convenient. Sometimes staff have meetings or other engagements, but we will always try to make time as soon as possible.

If you learn of an issue after your child has come home from school and you feel it needs addressing urgently, please ring the school office and expalin the problem. It may be possible to speak to the headteacher or class teacher. If not, it may be possible to arrange a meeting for the following morning.

Please understand that it is NOT possible to speak to your child's class teacher in the morning without a pre-arranged meeting. Teachers and staff are busy caring for children or organising lessons. There will usually be a designated member of staff on the door to pass on any messages.

If you have any general enquiries, please ring the office on 0151 652 0673 or send an email to Emails may take up to 2 days for a reply.