We expect all children to wear school uniform  as we believe that this gives children  a sense of pride and belonging in their school. 

The  items  of  clothing  suggested  have  been  chosen  for  comfort,  smartness  and  easy care.  

Jewellery  should  not  be  worn  in school with the exception of flat-faced watches and stud earrings, hooped  earrings  are  a  safety  concern  and  they  are  not acceptable  at  any  time.

All  jewellery  must  be  removed  for  Games and PE.  

Please ensure  that  all items of uniform are named  so  that  we  are  able  to  return  them to  the  correct child if these are mislaid!

The uniform for Bidston Village is as follows...


  •  Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers

  • White blouse or White Polo shirt*

  •  Red Sweatshirt* or cardigan* 

  •  Red/White Summer Dress

  •  Black School shoes (not trainers, Low heels please)


  •  Grey trousers or shorts

  • White shirt or White* Polo shirt

  • Red Sweatshirt* 

  •  Black School shoes (not trainers)


  •  Draw string pump bag 

  •  Pull on black/white pumps 

  •  Black Shorts

  •  White T-shirt (No expensive football shirts please)


  • Black Shorts

  • White T-shirt

  • Tracksuit (cold weather only)

  • Trainers            

Swimming Y4-6

Girls:  Swimming costume (must be one piece, hair tied back, NO earings)

Boys: Swimming trunks - must be clearly above knee height

Items marked with * have the school logo embroidered and are available from the school office at 
a reasonable price.
Reading bags and fleeces are also available for sale.