Useful Websites

This section will contain useful websites and links for children and parents. Hopefully this list will grow over time into sections. Watch this space!

If your child is in Year 2 or Year 6, and working towards their SAT tests, sample down-loadable practice papers are available.

G Hammond maths channel on you-tube has Year 6 maths questions/problems with worked out solutions and puzzles. (Search KS1 / KS2 maths)

These two websites provide a multitude of videos which can be very useful to explain mathematical concepts if your child needs extra support with homework. For example, multiplying and dividing fractions! A tricky concept for us adults too!!

Also these websites could be used at home prior, or in the early stages of a new topic being taught in school in order to provide a deeper understanding and help your child to grow in confidence during lessons.

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Use this website to help your children learn their times tables and division facts, practise doubling and halving numbers and become fluent and accurate when adding and subtracting mentally.

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Lots of opportunities for pupils to make connections and reason about maths with these challenging but fun I-pad games.

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This website is ideal for Y1-3 children and supports all the areas of the national curriculum.

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This American website can provide useful information for more tricky maths concepts covered and taught in Years 4, 5 & 6.

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Another American website (please note Grade 5 is equivalent to Y6) packed full of fun, interactive games to reinforce learning. Most games are tablet friendly too and mirror the kind of games children love to play – this website will provide hours of fun at the same time as quality maths learning! Please encourage your children to explore and enjoy it.

In school we subscribe and use :

(See Passport maths home booklets for our school’s username and password.)

The games are great fun and support your child to learn the curriculum objectives for their year group.