Vision & Values

Our vision at Bidston Village is to develop an inclusive, happy, healthy, safe learning community in which children’s experiences are broadened and their natural enthusiasm to learn is fostered.We aim to ensure that every child feels special. We support every child to develop self-esteem and confidence and strive to ensure that the unique contributions of each member of the community are valued.

Children are encouraged to become independent learners who think creatively and reflectively. Thoughtfully planned teaching and learning opportunities, which are embedded in our shared core values, aim to lead the children towards self-motivation and challenge, encouraging self-discipline, perseverance and commitment. The school provides for the individual needs of all children and places a strong emphasis on celebrating their achievements.

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The Core Values of the school are the characteristics that we believe are essential for life long learning and equip children in our school for a reasoned set of attitudes as they grow towards adulthood.These values are:

  • Friendship

  • Forgiveness

  • Honesty

  • Respect

  • Love

  • Kindness

  • Thankfulness

  • Trust

Working in partnership with home, we encourage the children to be supportive and tolerant individuals, able to work both collaboratively and individually. By encouraging honesty, tolerance and respect for others and ourselves, we aim to help the children to develop self-esteem and a caring attitude that will help them to be successful into adulthood. 

We have used our core values as a basis for developing our school behaviour charters with the children. These contain key principles for behaviour which we expect everyone to adhere to .

Above all, we expect all stakeholders (staff, children, parents and visitors) to uphold our golden rule!

'Treat other people the way you expect to be treated'